Using Quora to boost your brand visibility May 7th, 2020   [viewed 3 times]

The amount of competition in recent years has made online marketing more challenging every day. Many online marketing companies are hiring experienced Digital Marketing Strategist to plan digital strategies that involve responsive website designing. Effective digital strategies involve Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Content Development and successfully executing marketing strategies through various channels. Any digital expert must set up and manage ads and campaigns to reach the majority of Internet users. One of the fastest ways to achieve a good ROI and get your brand among the greater audience is through social networking platforms. These platforms have great potential to convert potential users to customers based on their interests. One such platform is Quora.

Quora has been among the fastest growing social platforms in the world. It includes audience generated collection of questions and answers that are created, answered and organized by users who interact with the website. It also allows you to follow topics that interests you and vote on answers to encourage accountability among other users. Apart from using Quora as a source for information and general interest, it is also effective in building a social network. Quora advertising offers sales but does not intend to necessarily look into generating money off its features. It primarily focuses on content marketing by helping out users with expert answers to their questions. This platform helps marketers to showcase their expertise and position or their businesses as authority figures. This helps your brand to build your authority among your audience by generating interests based on their needs. You’ll need to be active on the platform with an excellent ability to answer questions with expertise that will help people trust you and your brand. Another reason to advertise on Quora is its large engaged user base with a worldwide audience of more than 300 million unique visitors monthly. Thus, building trust will engage more audiences with your brand.

Quora’s ad set level is the most important unit of your ads campaign that controls who sees your ads. You can undermine the platform’s inherent, intent-centric value without investing serious time into honing your targeting using keywords, locations, and negatives. Many companies and big brands are considering hiring Quora Ads experts that will eventually help them increase their productivity and get their brand across multiple audiences and even help them connect to new customers. Quora offers a variety of targeting options allowing your ads to be targeted to the right user at the right time with the right message. Since users on Quora demonstrate high intent on the content they browse, user profiles on Quora are based on their real identities, thus eliminating the chances of reaching out to fake accounts. Moreover, Quora’s moderation policies enforce civil discourse implying that your advertisements will only show up alongside high-quality content.