How to Boost your business using Bing May 15th, 2020   [viewed 4 times]

There are many powerful search engines in the digital world with Google dominating the search market. While the world of digital marketing continues to expand, there are numerous platforms that can be explored to help marketers and advertisers reach out to their customers and also help them connect to new users. One such powerful search engine in its own domain is Bing. This search engine has achieved a phenomenal number of users on a monthly basis and claims to reach around 56 million searchers. These users are unique and were not reached on Google. Bing captures about 31% of the search market which makes it a powerful marketing channel that no Investor would want to miss out on. Apart from that, Bing is also an excellent platform for advertising and marketing. It has been achieving new milestones every now and then with the latest one lets you know about the demographics of users and enables you to search for a specific keyword accordingly. Bing helps you segregate your audience by identifying their age bracket and gender for more efficient reach. In other words, Bing advertising allows demographics-based targeting that lets Bing control gender and age demographics to see your search ads.

There are various benefits for advertisers who consider investing in Bing. Advertisements on big achieve better ad positions and cheaper costs per click due to the lack of competition. Moreover, ads on Bing are found to be in better positions than their Google counterparts with a higher CTR’s. As a matter of fact, any digital ads expert would recommend including Bing ads in their marketing strategies as it has better social extensions and doesn’t force close variants on your campaigns. Bing differs from Google’s algorithm due to its better device targeting options with performance grader. This feature highlights fast and easy ways to attract more, high-quality traffic across different devices. Along with that, you can also assign different campaigns to different time zones which will help your campaigns reach internationally through easier ad scheduling strategies. Many digital agencies have started hiring various professionals such as Bing Ads Expert who can access these options that allow you to swiftly change settings and make changes without the trouble to create a brand new campaign. Though the conventional ad rotation settings and ad groups are restricted to their campaign-level settings you can change them at the ad group level for a particular ad group Bing Ads. Bing provides you with tools that can help you pick the right keywords that you can use to discover what you should be targeting in your ad text so you can reach out to maximum users and increase your ROI.