Boosting your campaigns with Bing Expert Feb 20th, 2020   [viewed 2 times]

Google has been dominating the course of the digital market in the past few years. Google Ads have become one of the most prominent tools to boost campaigns and content across the web. Many agencies have started hiring Digital Marketing Strategist that makes use of all the necessary tools, research products, services and current strategies to identify new opportunities that will be beneficial for brand marketing. There are different aspects of such individual but they mostly analyze web traffic metrics while providing solutions to boost web presence. Apart from that, Digital marketing strategist also holds responsibility in monitoring operations on SEO as well as marketing and sales performance metrics to forecast trends. They also help in building a strong relationship with clients through social media interaction.

Similar to this, we also have Google Ads Expert who stays up-to-date with digital technologies developments while identifying advertising needs. Any brand is in constant need to keep up-to-date with their audience’s preferences and suggests new campaigns proactively. Establishing the best practices in digital marketing in liaising with sales, design and content teams to optimize customer experience to ensure brand consistency is what today’s successful marketers are all about.

On the other hand, we have an equally powerful search engine in its own domain. Bing has achieved a phenomenal number of users on a monthly basis claiming to reach around 56 million searchers who were not reached on Google. Capturing 31% of the search market, Bing is a powerful marketing channel that you don’t want to miss out on. It has achieved a new milestone that enables you to search for a specific keyword and letting you know about the demographics of users. It simply means that demographics-based targeting allows Bing Ads to identify age brackets and gender for more transparent demographics to see your search ads. Analyzing and studying the market is necessary as it can have a great impact on the future results of the Bing Advertising Campaigns. Many digital marketers are hiring Bing Ads Expert to put out their ads on Bing in better positions than their Google counterparts with a higher CTR’s. Bing expert studies and analyzes what is working for the other competitors in the market to garner high returns. This helps digital marketing strategists to analyze the best keywords that are working the best for the competitors in their ads.

Advertisers on Bing have numerous benefits due to the lack of competition which leads to better ad positions and cheaper costs per click. While on the other hand, a Google Ads Consultant is known to empower businesses and increase their return on investment from their Paid Ads. Since most of the businesses nowadays use Google Ads to run their campaigns, this great dependence on Google Ads has created a great requirement for Google Ads Consulting services.